Sunday, August 31, 2014

Time Tells All

The day by day monotony often fogs the reality of the person my son is becoming.

His hard work brings to light that truly,

Time in NOT of the essence..... is patience.. ONE milestone at a HIS time.

He is STILL my son, and ALWAYS will be,

but now he is 12.

He still has a smile and a giggle that will brighten a room.

but, he is stronger...

and taller.

He is still skinny,

but sports a wider girth.

He brushes his teeth, combs his hair and dresses himself.

He makes grilled cheese sandwiches, pudding and cinnamon rolls.

He can build a Mixel and put a 50 piece puzzle together.

He can write his name and use a calculator.

He can make a grocery list and find those items in a store.

He picks up his clothes and puts his dishes in the sink.

He enjoys rollercoasters, family vacations and going to the movies,

but, he still enjoys Sesame Street and The Muppets.

He ziplines, horseback rides and bowls,

but he still lacks safety awareness.

His thick brown hair is still disheveled,

but, his eyeglasses stay intact more frequently.

He still loves to be tickled, and has a built a wonderful bond with his brother.

He can't say "I love you",

but his hugs and kisses say so much more than words.

He is still non verbal,

But, I am able to understand him better.

He is content...

and so am I.

I am so happy to be able to look back at past posts to see how far he has come.

I am so proud of MY SON for all he is becoming. I can't wait for time to tell us more!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

This Is For You, girl

There is a girl...
A girl I never met...

A beautiful girl...
A beautiful girl whose face I've never seen....

A girl who's heart is that of gold...
Courageous, sincere and caring beyond words.

A girl who has made an impact...
an impact on a mother...
a child...
a community...
A girl who gets it!

A girl who will grow up to be a wonderful woman and reach not just a mother...
or a child...
or a community, but

A girl who will change the world.

You see, Friday night, I was riding in the car with my husband. I was making small talk, trying to curtail the anxiety that was coming along with going to his 25th class reunion. We caught up on the busy week that was behind us, and we lamented over the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. I pulled out my phone, caught up on my emails and then proceeded over to Facebook to read a new private message from one of my "friends".

I was speechless. The tears were welling up. My husband was perplexed, and he pleaded, "Stop, your make-up will run!"

Trying to get the words out, I read him the following...
and he cried, too.

"Hello Mrs. R!

This is B. My mother was sharing with me that she has two Facebook friends with children who are autistic, and I just want to say I think you are fantastic. I have so much respect and appreciation for you and all you do. I can see that you love your boys very much, and you must be such a special person. It is people like you who really make others stop and wonder. With people in the world like you who have so much love to go around, how can there be so much terror and hatred? I will be thinking about you and praying for you. Your boys are so lucky!"

The courage she had to reach out to one of her mother's friends,whom she has never met, and write these words is an AMAZING quality.

Earlier this week, this girls mother posted that her daughter requested "in lieu of birthday presents, she would like people to donate to the charity of choice. This years pick is Autism Speaks, because everyone deserves a voice."
...WHAT teenage kid does that????

I'll tell you what kind...
A child of God!

This is for you dear, B!

I praise you!
I praise you for noticing.
The autism community praises you!
It is people like you that will help raise awareness about autism. I don't know if you know who Dr. Temple Grandin is, but she has been quoted to say "different...not less". That is true with all individuals, autistic or not.

The world needs people like you,B, to show love for humanity. I respect you so much for your maturity. You exude love in your words and in your actions. You are selfless,and your charitable heart will certainly be rewarded.

I am going to leave you with the words that YOU wrote, because I couln't say it any better!

"It is people like YOU who really make others stop and wonder. With people in the world like YOU who have so much love to go around, how can there be so much terror and hatred? I will be thinking about YOU and praying for YOU. Your MOM is so lucky!"

Mrs. R

Monday, January 16, 2012

Thank God For Snow

I have many childhood memories that allow me escape from the monotony of adulthood.

Playing outside
...just being outside from dusk till dawn

I remember
camping and hiking
and, bike rides all day long

Swimming till my fingers and toes were waterlogged
and chasing down the ice cream truck

Seeing Grease and ET a gazillion times at the drive in

Riding rollercoasters

Going on vacations

...and sitting on my grandmother's lap for hours.

The list could go on and on.

Everyday something sparks a reflection of my past and it makes me wonder, what will HE hold onto as childhood memories?

Will it be memories of therapies and doctor visits? or strict ABA protocols?

or will he, too, be able to reflect upon those joyful times.

I hope one day he will be able to tell me.

Oh, Dear God, PLEASE let him be able to TELL me...

But for now


I thank you, God, for the snow.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Peace on Earth

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I just love it when I capture that perfect moment.

Oh. Yes. I did ! (Facebook repost)

This was my son's Halloween costume this year (2011). He absolutely loved being in the pink bunny pajamas. So, please, do not think I did this with any malicious intent.
Comments from Facebook Post....
  • S wants to know WHY would you do that to her E? LOL
  • This just made my night!!!! Soooo cute!!!
  • It is cute. S just said I cant believe she did that to him. LOL
  • Ohhhh Noooo Youuuu Didn'tttttt Girlfriend! Poor E!!! OMG lol.........:)
  • LOVE it!!!
  • So not nice!
  • He looks like a pink nightmare, LOL
  • OMG. He needs a Red Rider BB Gun!
  •  I love it!!!
  •  He'll only have to wear it when Aunt Clara is around...
  •  ha. haha. you. are. awesome.
  •  Oh E, you can come live with R and R until Chrismas is over!
  •  I. Love. This. awesome!
  •  He looks about as thrilled as Ralphie did wearing
  •  hahahahaha that is AWESOME!!!!!!!
  •  ‎...and that face says it all..."yeah my head I DO know that this is so wrong!" HILARIOUS!!!
  • Oh my gosh! You guys are something else! Between you, me and the walls, he does look adorable : )
  • LOVE IT!!!!
  • His expression is PRICELESS !! Just like Ralphie would have made.
  •  no way! i love it !
  • Priceless and thanks for making me smile
  • This is a classic!!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Simple Sameness = Comfort and Joy

If you've heard me say it once, you've heard me say it a million times...He LOVES Sesame Street. So, when gift giving time comes, it is very easy to buy for him.
It is simple..
                Sesame Street ANYTHING.

Friends and family struggle with buying Sesame Street items for a 9 year old boy. They don't think it is "age appropriate". IF they can get past that nuance, then they fret they may get him something he already has.

The probability of that is, um, yeah,  99% .

We have just about every Sesame Street DVD

which has replaced every Sesame Street VHS tape

He has the stuffed animals and the Sesame Street paraphernalia...

Trust me when I say, "It is Okay"

because this is HIS Comfort and Joy

Nothing else matters..

Good tidings to you and yours!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Am I a Muppet or a Man?

The Muppet Movie opens by fast forwarding through the childhood of brothers, Gary who is a human and Walter who is a muppet. Gary grows up “normally” and Walter struggles with meeting his milestones and falters with "fitting in".   

I would guess that most people seeing this movie briefly ponder how a muppet and a human could be brothers in the first place.  Undoubtedly, I'm further guessing they quickly release themselves of the mystery by giving credit to "It's just a movie." They don’t beat themselves up wondering how the same parents could have such different children. 

I, on the other hand, as a parent of a child with autism and a “neuro-typical” child, struggle with this every day of my life.

...How did this happen?

...How did I have one child with autism, and one child who developed "normally"? 

...How “different” do my children perceive themselves and each other? 

...Will they love each other and themselves, unconditionally throughout their lifetime?

...Will my neuro-typical child struggle in his adulthood to find that balance between loving his brother and enjoying his own life?
There is a moment in the movie that Walter and Gary struggle with their identity.
Each one asking, Am I a muppet or a man?
In the end, they acknowledge their differences and accept who they are,
    and they sing...

              “I think I made up my mind
               Now I understand who I am
Gary :    I’m a man ....I'm a muppet of a man
Walter:  I’m a muppet...I'm a very manly muppet
              This is what I am” 

                           (Am I a Muppet or a Man by Bret Mckenzie)
Although  loving autism can be difficult,
                                  loving this amazing boy is not !!!
I pray this brotherly love lasts forever !